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Change Agents

The project will train so-called “change agents”, representing both public administrators and civil society from each living lab, who will be facilitating the living labs and training local actors in the case projects, with the support of the partners.


They are expected to share their learning and the project results in their organizations, networks and through the local dissemination event in each partner

country. Educating project ambassadors who can motivate, advocate and engage other actors across sectors is important to ensure transference and impact of the project results outside the project's direct participants.


The living lab activities facilitates new relationships between public and civil society actors. It allows them to co-design and co-create solutions, resulting in shared ownership, empowerment and relevance. In time (after the project period), the learning network can become more or less self-sustaining, but in order to ensure this there will need to be strong facilitation and support at first.

Strong emphasis will thus be on sharing experiences, challenges and learning among the partnership, and to ensure continuous communication throughout the project.

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