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The Slovenian Case Study

Urban trees in the Municipality of Novo mesto

The following summary outlines the process of the Slovenian project on implementing better care of urban trees among decision makers as well as the residents of Municipality of Novo mesto in the south-eastern part of Slovenia, what was done and what will be the afterlife of the project.

The Slovenian partners detected the problem regarding the state of urban trees in the local area:

  • improper maintenance of urban trees in the past: mostly only removed, improper pruning (worst practice = topping), there are no plans for further planting of trees

  • poorly developed municipal legal framework

  • the maintenance of existing and the planting of new green infrastructure, is not widely regarded (especially trees) as the most economical measure of climate change mitigation and adaptation

  • theory vs. practice (implementation of the sustainable development strategy of Municipality of Novo mesto)

Partners joined the project Cre-think with an intention to improve the care of the local urban trees and to use the co-creation method to engage as many people as possible (professional and general public) and create a network of interested public.

Click the pdf to read about the Slovenian case study

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