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The Danish Case

The topic of the Danish case is to support local retail businesses in Vejle city, in becoming sustainable. The case will involve local small retail businesses and relevant stakeholders like local business development consultants and business associations as well as customers in research and testing to find methods to support local sustainable development within Vejle, potentially spreading out to other business networks in Denmark.

The case will research what kind of tools and methods are relevant for small local retail businesses, who do not have the necessary resources on their own to work with sustainability and at the same time how to make it easier for customers to select and support sustainable initiatives among local businesses.

The overall goal with the case is both to support the resilience of small local businesses and support a community of cooperation and support between the businesses and customers, but also to support local sustainable development thorough retail businesses. Sustainability in this case is focusing on all three pillars of sustainability – the economic, environmental and social. 

The case has 5 change agents representing a department of the Municipality of Vejle that work with innovation and business development, the private company Green Network who provide guidance and training for companies in CSR and sustainable development, and three volunteer citizens who represent the international expat community in Vejle and a volunteer group who work with sustainable use and reuse.

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