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Slovenian best practice

Slovenian Best Practice Example: Civic Observers for Health and Environment

In this example you can read about an international project, Civic Observers for Health and Environment: Initiative for Responsibility and Sustainability (COHEIRS), under the Europe for Citizens Action 1 Active Citizens for Europe.

The project aims:

  • To empower citizens to play a full part in their communities’ life

  • To foster citizens’ participation through volunteering

  • To foster citizens’ sense of ownership of the EU

  • To tackle environmental and health related issues both at local and European level

  • To encourage environment friendly policies

  • To promote intercultural dialogue

  • To contribute to an inclusive society

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Slovenian Best Practice Example: Let's clean Slovenia

In this example you can read about a national project in Slovenia with the aims:

  • To unite at least two hundred thousand volunteers on 17th of April 2010, in the largest environmental project in Slovenia so far

  • To create the first digital registry and national map showing locations of as many illegal dumpsites as possible

  • To remove at least twenty thousand tons of illegally dumped waste from the environment

  • To unite all spring befalling environmental projects on the same date and with the common purpose

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Slovenian national report on the context for co-creation on sustainability

This report looks at the national and local context for Novo Mesto, Slovenia for co-creation on sustainability. The report looks at national and local policies, charters and practices towards co-creation in relation to sustainability, as well as main drivers, good practices, challenges and needs.

Read more in the attached document 

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