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CRETHINK´s final conference

The final conference in the CRETHINK project was held in Selfoss/Iceland 3rd-4th of June

The idea was to have a workshop instead of a conventional conference to get the guests to engage more with the cases and the change agents presenting. All participants, both foreign guests as well as local were divided in four groups that visited all four cases. The group consisted of one group leader that led the guests between the cases according to schedule. This arrangement made it easier for the guests to communicate with all the change agents and ask questions about the cases. In the final workshop, called “the Democracy fitness”, all the guests gathered in the gym and had training in “how to co-create sustainable solutions” when dealing with complicated issues.

After the workshop all the foreign guests were invited to a “Disco soup” dinner which consists of a soup made from second class vegetable (i.e. eatable vegetable that the stores wont sell due to their looks). During dinner, the guests also got a lecture on food waste and the costly consequences that is has on our environment.

On Saturday after the partner meeting, the Icelandic team had organized a day tour around South Iceland with focus on sustainability. First stop was at Ljósafossvirkun to experience how Icelanders make their electricity using waterfalls. Second stop was at Efstidalur, a farm that focuses on circular economy by raising cows, producing diary products and meat, and serving it at their restaurant located on the premises. The last stop before arriving back to Selfoss for dinner, was at Friðheimar tomato farm. There the group got a short lecture on a project regarding a green industrial park that is in the making in the area as well as how the farm practices sustainability and circularity in their framing of tomatoes and cucumbers. After a delicious dinner at Tryggvaskáli, one of the oldest building in Selfoss the group said their heartfelt goodbyes and the tour to Iceland was officially over.

The Icelandic team thanks their wonderful foreign guests once again for their visit and participation as the event could not have gone any better.


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