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More on the Danish case

What are the local needs and relevant approaches to create a more sustainable society? How can small local businesses help support this development and what do they need to do this? These were some of the questions that were discussed during the local training in Vejle, Denmark, conducted by the Danish partner Grønt Forum, which took place from October 13th - 14th.

The training focused on developing the local case, and figuring out how to design the co-creation process, and which local partners to involve. In Denmark the case has 5 change agents representing a department of the Municipality of Vejle that work with innovation and business development, the private company Green Network who provide guidance and training for companies in CSR and sustainable development, and three volunteer citizens who represent the international expat community in Vejle and a volunteer group who work with sustainable use and reuse.

During the training, the change agents decided to work with local retail businesses, and the next step after the training was to reach out to relevant stakeholders and research on the needs and relevant approaches. This has led to a focus on supporting local retail businesses in Vejle city, in becoming sustainable. The case will involve local small retail businesses and relevant stakeholders like local business development consultants, business associations as well as customers in research and testing to find methods to support local sustainable development within Vejle, potentially spreading out to other business networks in Denmark.


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