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More on the Italic case

The emergency caused by COVID-19 has drastically changed the way students move around their cities, preventing most urban activities, limiting travel on large, medium and short distances and reducing the number and intensity of social relationships.

Within this context, sustainable mobility was the focus of the local training conducted in Palermo by the Italian partner CESIE between 12th and 22nd of October.

With the aim to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19 and prepare for other future pandemics and crises in educational settings, change agents have started to design a local initiative to ensure students enter/exit school and move within it safely.

The integrated solutions identified, which will be based on a co-creation process and implemented with the direct participation of the school community (staff, students and their families) are as follow:

- Enhancement of existing infrastructure capacity and creation of new bike lanes promoting sustainable mobility among students and their families.

- Construction of green pedestrian areas in front of school buildings, promoting safe socialization while reducing traffic and pollution.


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