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The Italian case / Newsletter #2

With the aim of promoting an innovative model of shared, collaborative and polycentric territorial governance, CESIE is involving the students in a training course that will culminate in the regeneration of the road adjacent to the school complex, as well as in the creation of new ecological corridors and cycle paths within the neighbourhood.

To this end, CESIE entered into a partnership with the local working group of change agents, the association Tu Sei La Città and the organisation PUSH, a design lab that works at the intersection of environmental sustainability, digital technologies and social innovation. Together, these four actors have contributed to the development of the training course that will introduce the students to the themes of sustainable development, mobility and urban regeneration, actively involve them in the design of the green area through virtual workshops based on the ''co-creation'' approach and, finally, help them design a communication and crowdfunding campaign to build consensus among the local community and financially support the regeneration, which will take place in September 2021. The first of the nine training sessions was enthusiastically received not only by the school community, but also and especially by the students themselves, who are looking forward to finally being able to take part in the decision-making process at municipal level.


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