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Co -creative 


for sustainable cities

About the project

The project “Co-creative RETHINKing

for sustainable cities” - CRETHINK - addresses a need for capacity building adults within the public sector and in civil society for cooperating and co-creating shared solutions to societal challenges in European communities.


The project  is a two-year Erasmus+ KA2 project which aims to support adult learners within the public sector and in civil society in gaining competences within the area of citizen competence and concrete methods and tools for co-creation and cross-sector cooperation towards sustainable development and complex problem solving. This is in order to foster citizens’ active participation and influence in the local community and society. The up skilling of public employees will improve their ability to enhance citizen involvement in sustainable development.

With the UN SDG 11 as subject matter, the project will develop an online toolbox and recommendations, for how to use co-creation to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from 2015, locally in European cities and communities.

The toolbox and recommendations will be available on an online platform, which will ensure open access and continuous up-skilling of citizens and public employees in Europe.

The toolbox will contain training modules and curriculum, as well as sectors-specific guidelines and methods, specifying how to implement the UN SDGs in relation to important factors and challenges for co-creation and sustainability development. It will be in a format where individuals or groups can "self-learn" and implement the methods in their work or everyday activities.

The project consortium comprises 5 partners from Denmark, Iceland, Slovenia and Italy. The project is coordinated by Vejle Kommune, which is the sixth largest municipality in the country and the capital region of South Denmark.

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